Collection: Rejuvenating sets


A rejuvenating set is a skin care set comprised of a soap (facial cleanser), toner, day cream with SPF, and night cream with peeling properties. As the name implies, it is meant to rejuvenate or renew the skin by assisting or accelerating its exfoliation process.

All rejuvenating sets have peeling properties, which explains why almost all have anti- acne and whitening benefits (these are also two of the most popular skin care concerns of Filipinos). The active ingredients that make Rejuv sets effective are a combination of either one or more of the following: AHA, BHA, Hydroquinone, and Tretinoin.

Rejuvenating sets generally feature four products, which represent the four pillars of a modern basic skin care routine: cleanser, tone, protect/moisturize, moisturize/treat.



Before trying out a rejuv set, keep these tips in mind:

1. Be picky with the brand. Don't just go for the cheapest; go for the established rejuvenating companies only.

2. Conduct a patch test first before using on the entire face.

3. Rejuv sets can typically last a month. After this period, rest your skin for a month and resume with your normal routine or switch to milder rejuv sets if you need maintenance.

4. Go for brands that are transparent with their ingredients list.

5. Always wear SPF, at least 30, when using rejuv sets.




1. Do not mix and match rejuv sets with other products because skin may be sensitive when using rejuvenating sets.

2. Avoid Retinol when using rejuvenating sets.

3. Do not use if pregnant or lactating, unless tagged as mild and safe to use.

That's all for today! I hope you learned something new, most especially if you are researching about rejuvenating sets in the Philippines.

What are the rejuv set brands you have tried so far?