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Vibrant Glamour 8% Niacinamide Cream

Vibrant Glamour 8% Niacinamide Cream

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A whitening cream that combines 3 active ingredients incluing 8% Royal DSM Niacinamide, 5X Ceramides and Alpha-Arbutin to deeply whiten, brighten and lighten spots while overcoming skin barrier damaged problems such as acne, redness, and dryness, yet still safe for the skin barrier.


Enriched with 5X Ceramide, a combination of 5 ceramides that deeply moisturize and strengthen skin. Repair and protect the skin barrier by retaining moisture and protecting the skin from external factors.


[Suitable population]

Solve the skin problems, Uneven skin tone,Redness,DrynessDehydrating,Sallow and puffy skinskin loses elasticityUV damageMelanin deposition etc.


[How to Use]

Step 1: Basic cleansing

Step 2: Take appropriate amount of cream, use finger pulp to dot smear on the chin, cheeks, forehead and nose tip

Step 3: Apply from bottom to top in circles until even smear. Insist on using for better effect


Care both in daytime and nighttime

Daytime use : whitening, brightening, fading spots, moisturizing

Night use: Cycle repair, protect barriers


[Shelf life]  3 years



●Deep brightening

●Fade spots

●Repair damaged barrier

●Lasting hydration moisturizing



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